Private LinkedIn & Resume Writing Support from a professional

What you need to know about my LinkedIn and resume writing services

People usually approach me for a Linkedin and resume overhaul when they are applying for a job they really want. A LinkedIn and resume overhaul is a substantive rewrite of your profile to create a personal website page so that it is highly professional, uses all the keywords, and tells the story of who you are, where you’ve come from and where you’re going. Recruiters will love it, and contact you with job offers. It’s happened to me many times. 

I have worked with academics, business analysts, disability support workers, and gardeners. I will work with anyone who needs support. My speciality is helping people work through career transitions, or helping people go for that promotion they really want. When you know, own and can tell your story, you can win any job you want.

It depends on my clients, their needs and their time-frame. Your career might be shorter or longer than others; or you might have jumped around more than others so it will take a bit longer to listen to you tell your story and for me to join the dots. It also depends on the deadline. If you’re applying for a job within a short time frame, that means we have less time to work with. But if you have a longer lead time, we can spend more time on it. It’s entirely up to you, your needs and wants.

Realistically, and to do this properly, you would need to allow about 4 hours minimum. We’d start with a coffee catch up with the laptop and I’d be all ears whilst you explain your situation, and story. We would look at the job you want, analyse the key words on LinkedIn, analyse what your profile currently looks like and what it could look like. After the discussion and research, we then start writing and creating a LinkedIn and Resume that is current and up to date. You’d be  looking at roughly 2 x 2-hour sessions so that we can get it right, and you look great.

Generally, I charge $80/h for  professional communications consultancy services. As this is a bespoke 1:1 service, you’re looking at $160 for the first session, and $160 for a follow-up session. If need be, we may do another follow-up session, but it really depends on the need.

I live and work in the inner-west of Sydney so I can meet wherever is local to you e.g. Randwick, East Village, Redfern, Newtown, Annandale, Drummoyne, Leicchardt, Marrickville and Dulwich HIll. I can also meet you around Haymarket, Central or the CBD. If you can’t make it to one of these locations, we can always carry out our sessions online! We’ll set up a zoom, and use google docs to talk and work on the same document at the same time.

Most popular questions about how I go about my business as a communications consultant

I use an interviewing style, accompanied by reflective listening and intuitive writing. By asking you questions in a session, I can help you figure out who you are professionally, and help you gain self-knowledge and self-awareness. It’s hard to see who you are without a mirror. Like a mirror, I help you see yourself a bit more clearly and confidently. When we have worked out who you are, what skills you have, and what you want, we can then work together to bleed this into your LinkedIn and Resume. 

As we talk about you and your career, I will intuitively write into your LinkedIn profile from what I hear you saying. You can then agree or disagree with my suggestions, and together we can rewrite your profile to reflect what you really want to say about yourself. Giving your LinkedIn an overhaul is not an easy task, and not for the faint hearted. But you will thank yourself later for the effort you put in, and the couple of hours you invest in yourself by talking with me.  

It is a job-seeker’s market these days. If you have a polished LinkedIn profile, you can be at the beach, watching the tennis or in a hammock, and if you have “currently open to work” and your profile is up to date with all the keywords, HR recruiters will come looking for you! 

LinkedIn has so many features to help people’s talent and expertise shine so that HR recruiters are able to quickly filter profiles to find the talent they need for their next hire. I literally went on a trip to Dallas and Mexico when I was between jobs. When I got back to Australia, I was on the couch when a recruiter called me from UNSW Sydney and offered me a role. It was that easy! But it was easy, because I had updated my LinkedIn profile with all the keywords, and that work paid off.

I am offering customised, bespoke career profiling on LinkedIn. As a philosopher and journalist, I will ask the questions to find the meaning behind every job you’ve done and why you changed jobs or careers. I will want to understand how you tick and before long you’ll be telling me your life story. I’ll help build you up in any areas where you lack confidence as we work together on helping you write your story. You’ll get career confidence and a professional Linkedin profile – two for one. 

What others say

"Bridget took a personal interest in me"

“I asked Bridget to help me work on a CV and Cover Letter for a job I was going for as I tested the waters for a career change. Bridget was very engaging and took a personal interest in me. She saw me as a "whole person," not just my skill set and/or talents. I felt listened to, supported and that my hopes and dreams were taken seriously. I would highly recommend Bridget.”

Collin, Melbourne

“Brilliant at what she does”

“I’m a floral and installation art worker who is also an emerging contemporary Australian artist. Bridget helped me blend my past career with my future career directions on my LinkedIn profile. I love it. Bridget is so very kind, and is exceptionally brilliant at what she does. I’m so grateful for Bridget’s GRANDE effort. I definitely recommend her!”

Samantha, East Village

“I got call backs straight away”

“I came to Bridget because I wasn’t getting anywhere with my resume. Bridget asked me lots of questions and we created a fresh resume, which demonstrated my passion and experience for working in disability support. I sent the new one out, and got call backs straight away! I got the job I wanted, and I’ve used it to gain promotions as well. Thank you, Bridget!”

Ana Daniela, Drummoyne