Private Academic Tutoring and Writing Support from a professional

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What you need to know about my professional academic support services

I can work with any student who needs help with their writing. I have worked with high schoolers right through to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I have also worked with clients who are at PhD level and wanting to finalise their work.

My best areas to tutor are in philosophy, as philosophy is my passion. But I can really help anyone. I have supported students with their assignments in areas as diverse as Built Environment and Biological Sciences, as well as Philosophy and Theology. 

I firstly reassure my stressed students that they are safe, and that I am here to work with them to meet their deadline. When you feel safe, your body calms down and you can think more clearly. We then discuss the scope of the project. What is your deadline? Where are you up to with your research? What do you need help with? When we have answered those questions, I will come up with a strategy of how we can move forward. If you like the plan, we’ll go to the next stage. 

I like to lead my students to discover the answers for themselves by listening to them and asking them questions. I draw on my own research and writing skills to identify missing information in the student’s argument/story. We’ll work out together the things that my student doesn’t but should know to write their essay. It’s the student’s responsibility to do all the research themselves, and get as far as they can. Then they bring their findings to me, and we try to come up with a logical way to express their ideas.

A trial session – usually either a phone call or a meet & greet – is complimentary. 

My tutoring sessions are only offered in 2-hour blocks and we can meet up in person, or I can work from home and I can tutor over a phone call and a shared google document. 

Appointments for Undergraduate/Postgraduates cost $120/session for 2 hours direct support where I am 100 per cent focussed on you and your essay/writing work. Outside of a session, you can reach me via text/social media for support or guidance between sessions. That way you get 10x the value.

Yes! However the more time we have to work on your PhD the better. Please allow 2 months lead time for this work. Please contact me directly for a customised quote based on your unique situation. 

Most common pain points when writing essays at university

It’s normal to feel frustrated when you don’t know how to write an essay. It’s even harder if you’re studying philosophy or theology. These are two of the hardest subjects out there. Writing an essay is easy when you know 1) what to say and 2) how to logically present your research. It is a skill that you can learn and I can teach you. In our sessions, I’ll ask you questions, and we’ll work together on problem solving your essay. I’ll guide you through the process so you learn to be a skilled thinker and writer for yourself. 

It’s normal to be stuck with coming up with an ‘argument’, this happened to me a lot all through my 8.5 years at uni studying journalism and philosophy. At university,  when your teacher says you need to ‘have an argument’, it means that when they give you a question or topic area to research, you do some research and find the answer for yourself. An argument is simply a string of logical ideas that get to a conclusion. 

It’s normal to not know where to begin. Sometimes you need to ask someone who is more knowledgeable because they have read more books/essays, or has more experience than you who can guide you through the process. A good guide will point you in the right direction for the answers you’re looking for. They’ll say, look up this author, or in that area. When you do your own research by following those leads, what you find belongs to you. Your new ideas are your new knowledge. It takes confidence to write up your findings in an essay. But that essentially is ‘your argument’. With my style of tutoring, I work as your guide to give you direction and confidence. 

It’s never easy writing under pressure. Sometimes it helps to have someone you can talk to who knows what books you’ve read, or what the topic area is, so you can talk about your research before you write it, or even as you go. When I’ve been in this situation, I’ve contacted my lecturer to let them know I am not coping and explain my circumstances. They are almost always understanding and will give you an extension. With a little extra time, and when you know your lecturer cares about your mental health, you’ll find it easier to write. It takes confidence to ask for what you need. Be brave. 

The best work is work that is personal to you. If what you have written makes sense to you when you read it, and it is meaningful to you, then it is worth a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to believe in yourself when you are doing something new. Engaging with new ideas can be stressful. Back yourself and what you have to say. If you need support getting a second opinion, I am here to help. Get in touch!  

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What others say

“You showed me a new way”

“You were really patient while working with me and showed me a new way on how to improve my writing skills. You were really helpful and knowledgeable. I learnt so much from you.”

Hannah, Earlwood

“You gave me confidence”

“I had mental blocks when writing and you helped ensure my ideas were expressed cohesively. You also really helped me to maintain perspective and gave me the confidence to believe I could overcome challenges and achieve my goals.”

Jessica, Rockdale